Monday, March 3, 2014


Today, I woke up excited knowing that I was going to the post office to put a precious piece of cargo in the mail.  We finished up the final piece of our Haiti dossier on Friday (Thank you, Jesus!!!).  We had originally planned to put it in the mail on Saturday, but at the last minute, decided to wait until Monday.  Just like when we went through this process with our paperwork for Ethiopia, I managed to miss every deadline for finishing this dossier that I set for myself.  Three of them, in fact.  I think God probably loves that.  He is always having to remind me that He is in control, and that things actually DO work on His timeline, not mine. 

There have been so many conversations in our house during these last few months as we have worked through the paperwork trail, again.  But, one of the biggest challenges this go-around was that when we felt God leading us to change from Ethiopia to Haiti, we knew it was going to be another challenge to our finances.  This second dossier was not something that was in our financial plan.  But, we were confident that it was in His plan.  As we were nearing the end of our dossier and coming up on another big payment, God made it very clear to my heart one day, just last week, that He called us to adopt, and that He would provide the finances.  I felt it so clearly that I immediately burst into tears.  I knew that He would provide. 

So, today my little man and I made a trip to the post office and happily mailed off our dossier.  With it, went a huge chunk of our savings.  But, there was peace in my heart.  Then, we ran a few more errands and came home to eat lunch together.  As I finished my lunch, I received a text from my friend, Layla (who goes to our church and is also adopting from Haiti!  How cool is that?!), and she asked if she could share my blog on her blog.  Now, if you have never checked out her blog, you totally should.  It's so incredible!  So, laughing a little in my head at how infrequently I blog, I said "Sure!"  Why not, right? 

It wasn't until about an hour later, when little man was down for a nap, and I had a moment to sit down, that I decided to spend some time catching up on Layla's blog.  What started as another fabulous blog post by Layla, ended with me in a puddle of tears.  The very puddle I had joked about on Facebook earlier.  God, in all His goodness, had laid our family on Kevin and Layla's hearts.  And, we were about to be the beneficiary of a blessing we never saw coming.  I will never get over it when people tell me that God has laid us on their hearts.  While they were praying through their own dilemma, He was assuring me He was taking care of ours.  What an absolute joy it is to be a part of the plan He has for our lives.  He has already convinced me that He is writing a much better story than I could have ever dream up. 

I cannot wait for you to read how God is once again revealing Himself in our adoption.  Head on over to The Lettered Cottage now and read the rest of the story.

"The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it." - 1 Thessalonians 5:24

Thank you for taking the journey with us!